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Meet “Harmony”!

Harmony is a beautiful and delicate Mimetite specimen from Santa Eulalia, Chihuahua Mexico.

The perfect TeeLC Companion if you wish to bring balance, joy, and serenity into your life.

Play time tip: Place this specimen in your living room where you are able to see it everyday. When times get a little crazy, take a moment to focus on Harmony while taking deep breaths in and out.

Suggested affirmation: “All areas of my life are harmonious and balanced.”

100mm x 70mm x 20mm

“Harmony” Mimetite Specimen

  • Crystals can be a beautiful part of your wellness journey, but they are not meant to replace or be used as medical treatment. Use at your own risk and discretion. All information provided is based off of personal research that is readily available on the internet.

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