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Welcome to "Word".

The written Word is powerful. It is where thought becomes more concrete.

Do you have a desire to understand yourself on a more intimate level?

Do you have an interest in the subconscious mind and how much it affects your day to day choices?

Do you believe that the choices you make today are the foundation for your future?

In taking a "screenshot" of your life at this very moment, are there things in your life you wish you could change or improve?

This is what "Word" at Stillness G.E.M.S. Wellness Center offers. "Word" is an online Home where you can learn how Hypnotherapy and Journaling can catapult you into a reality that is more in alignment with who you are.

What you will find here is a weekly dose of content focused on giving you insight into the world of the subconscious mind.

Topics will include:



Conscious Parenting

Formation of Habits

Subconscious Mind

Book Reviews

Intentional Home decor

Intentional Planning (Paper Planners)

Handwriting Analysis




Personal Development

Spiritual Development

"Word" is where you are invited to take time for yourself.

Each post will include an actionable step that you can take for the following week. Feel free to share your experience on these posts or with me in private.

The Vision here at Stillness G.E.M.S. Wellness Center is to support you in your Journey back Home to yourself.

Be on the lookout for Word's first post.

Lovely little hint of the topic:

"Release with Danburite"

Joy be the Journey,



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